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Experimentelle Gestaltung Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung Eating distance 吃饭的距离

7. Juni um 12:0014:00 CEST

Experimentelle Gestaltung Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung Eating distance 吃饭的距离  


7.6.21, starting at 12 pm CET and 6 pm GMT+8 开幕时间 202167 北京时间 6pm 林茨时间 12pm  


Dokapi, 4020 LinzKollegiumgasse 2

Aotu Space, Beijing (67 Beixinqiao Toutiao) 地点 北京凹凸空间(北新桥头条67号) 林茨 DokapiKollegiumgasse 2, 4020 Linz  

Collaboration between Kunst Universität Linz (Department of Experimental Design) and

I: project space    

此项目由林茨艺术设计大学(实验艺术系)和 I:project space合作呈现。  

Artist list

Walentina Ammann

Felix Brinkmann

Amanda Burzić

Sabine Dichatschek & Tabitha Haynes

David Kapl

Dasol Kim

Anja Korherr

Catrin Manoli aka Cooky

NiR & Pan Kaijian潘开建

Miriam Pranter & Miriam Roithinger

Emily Ramharter

Georg Schuchlenz  

Gastronomy Mohammad Reza Rasouli    

Distant digital Zoom curation by I: project space Marlene Hausegger Muxia Liu 刘沐夏   远距离数字策展团队 I: project space Marlene Hausegger Muxia Liu 刘沐夏    

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Meeting-ID: 847 8512 4976 Kenncode: 483984

Eating distance   The group exhibition “Eating distance” is a constellation of works that attempt to restart hospitality and sharing thoughts in a time of reduced mobility worldwide. Through hosting the visitors at a dinner table while sharing a meal between Linz and Beijing, they start to untangle complex histories and question current issues, from globalisation, cross-cultural communication to predicting the future through fortune telling. This first serving of art, food and politics introduces some of the issues and ideas that are pressing for our current time.   Mobility has been an important factor in the art world since the 1950s. Creating art has become synonymous with movement, travel and encounters. However, the mobile art world has been facing new challenges since last year: What does it mean to displace our experimental group, from one continent to another? How does such an initiative engage with a new local context without a real physical presence? How do we take account socio-cultural dynamics? Now a radical questioning of the conventional artistic production and presentation system is necessary: research, creation and presentation as well as, above all, international exchange.   As part of the course “Thinking over borders” the students of the Kunst Universität Linz discussed and tested new ways of art production and exhibition practice on the basis of an exhibition at Aotu Space in Beijing.  

吃饭的距离   群展吃饭的距离试图通过一系列作品在全球范围内活动仍然受限的情况下重启热情好客的款待并分享思考。通过在餐桌上招待访客,在林茨和北京两地同时共享餐点,该展览尝试开启拆解复杂历史并质疑当前问题的渠道—— 从全球化、跨文化交流到通过占卜预测未来等。这一份融合艺术、食物与政治的项目介绍了我们当前紧迫的问题和想法。 1950年以来,流动性始终是艺术世界的重要因素。创造艺术已然成为运动/流派、旅行和邂逅的代名词。然而,流动的艺术世界自去年起便面临着全新的挑战:将实验性的创作从一片大陆转移到另外一片大陆意味着什么?在没有真正实体出现的情况下,这样的行为如何与当地的环境进行互动?我们又该如何考虑社会文化动态?针对传统的艺术产出和呈现系统的质疑在现在十分必要:包括调研、创作与展示,以及最为主要的国际交流。   作为越过边界的思考课程的一部分,林茨艺术设计大学的学生在北京凹凸空间实现的展览基础上讨论并实验艺术创作输出和展览时间的新方法。


7. Juni
12:00 – 14:00 CEST